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What I want for Christmas next year

Christmas is over again and once again nobody bought me a flying car. But maybe help is at hand for next year: NASA have published a design for a one person, safe and quiet flying vehicle. And better yet, it … Continue reading

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Councils crack down on crossing guard corruption

I just came across this breaking news story School crossing corruption crack-down It appears that some school crossing guards (called lollipop ladies by News Ltd) may be accepting gifts around Christmas time.  As a result some local councils are cracking … Continue reading

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Now that we have wiki-leaks maybe we need teacher leaks

My first exposure to scandal and corruption came when I was very young.  I was a young and eager student learning basic arithmetic.  We went through several examples of addition and subtraction when one eager young student asked: What is … Continue reading

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Who needs cartoons now days

I often watch the news and enjoy movies.  But cartoons used to be where the really bizarre and over the top comments were found. 

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