What is twitter used for?

I have had a twitter account for a while now and I have found the following uses for it:

– Feeling guilty that I haven’t updated my blog, my facebook and now my twitter page which only takes 10 seconds.

– Sending short hello type messages once in a blue moon

– waste time clicking randomly around the web

But when I have time to waste, I have decided to focus on the pupose built tool stumbleupon.com.  You pick some areas of interest and just keep stumbling around the web looking at sites that are cool.  You can pass time faster than watching cricket.

So I have been thinking about the optimum use for twitter- and I have  noticed others using it really well:

– One of my friends will send a twitter when he is at a pub or cafe and happy to have company

– Some people “retweat” articles they find interesting.

Rollerfink uses it to propagate new world philosophies and sophisticated new thinking paradigms

-The Agile Academy are running a whole marketing campaign on Twitter to drive up their sales and the cause of agile goodness throughout the world.

However, I finally found an article that explains twitter in a way that does seem to make sense of it – sadly I lost the link because I was moving between multiple social media sites.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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