A database model of the game of cricket

A few days ago a friend’s son showed me his new board game – which was really just a set of scorecards for a cricket match, a set of dice and a pencil.

He and his friends sat inside on rainy days and played a game based on the statistical analysis of cricket scoring, without even having to wait for a game to unfold in real time.

But now I am even more impressed.  I discovered that someone has created a database model that actually models the game of cricket.


It is extraordinary how bright people are and how hard they will work to improve and apply their thinking if they think it is to do with cricket.

Now if only we could turn this amazing passion to building games based on modeling the environment or dealing with disasters such as tsunamis.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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