Theme for 2010

Stealing an idea from another of the worlds gurus, I have decided to have a theme for the year.

So instead of making a new years resolution like “I will eat more chocolate to increase my iron intake” I am setting a theme of continuous improvement.

I have decided to let the spirits of fortune take care of the big changes in my life and focus on improving the things I do step by step.

So, for example, I will be eating better chocolate rather than more chocolate and while this might mean no change to my chocolate budget, it will mean more lindt and less cadburys as part of that budget.

It also means I will need to reflect more on my actions (and inactions) to find ways of improving them.  So, for example I will think about whether I enjoyed the chocolate each time I eat it and let this govern my future chocolate consumption decisions.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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