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Its not always the laptop. Sometimes its the projector

I have been running some inhouse courses for a client recently. I  turned up a one of the offices I had been at before and got told that I was using room x that I had run the training in … Continue reading

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Cross functional teams or Agile with an A

Here is an interesting article I saw from Steve Denning: It makes some good points that are highly relevant to Agile development teams.  However it contains one very dangerous one too. Steve talks about the importance of actually listening … Continue reading

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People love testing so much they are building websites

Someone told me this was a cool link for testers … so rather than thinking of anything witty or intelligent today,  I thought I would just add this link Click here if you keep having to do too much testing … Continue reading

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Different take on Agile – Kanban and iteration free development

I came across this interesting article. It is an Agile process but seems to be missing the iterations.  Instead people just set their capacity and continuously work through stories.  Its a bit mean though, because we have been training … Continue reading

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