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Creating work for future generations – through tester holidays

I recently received a comment on a previous article. ┬áThe article was about testers being immune to the current financial crisis and the comment re-inforced that testing is a good career to have in hard times, but that even some … Continue reading

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Thought experiments and Agile training

While sitting in my hotel room pondering all things Agile, I have settled on a new theory. I have formed the opinion that some training should be nothing more than questions and discussion among students and a facilitator. This seemed … Continue reading

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Good tip for customer service for netbook suppliers like Acer

My netbook crashed a couple of weeks ago, completely freezing and becomming impossible to turn on. It turned out there was a simple fix that could be applied. Sadly the person we spoke to at Acer didn’t know it, so … Continue reading

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Maybe robots are already here – maybe

One of the case studies that I use when running the Software Education Agile courses involves building robots for the home market. I thought this case study was great because it wouldn’t be out of date for 10 years, but … Continue reading

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Whether or not to outsource

Ages ago, I promised some students I would send them some information on outsourcing strengths and weaknesses (sorry guys for the delay). Unfortunately I discovered, when I eventually found the material, that it was copyright and sending it on is … Continue reading

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