IF you are worried about the financial crisis

I was running an Agile Project Management course yesterday and we were discussing what issues people were having on their projects.

Budget cuts, business restructures and changing priorities all came up but none were anywhere near the most critical issue.

The biggest issue, it seems, was to find decent testers … or even any indecent testers … or even some developers or BAs willing to do testing for an iteration on a project.

So I guess the lesson is, if you are a really testing type of person you can pretty much ignore the recession.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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2 Responses to IF you are worried about the financial crisis

  1. Brian Osman says:

    Hi James,

    The recession is in fact the beginings of the master plan by testers for world domination!

    It is interesting that you report the above – i have had a mix report from the ‘field’ in last 4 months but with most of my testing counterparts saying that they have work.

    Anyone can test but not everyone can do so effectively. The key is asking the right questions!

  2. James King says:

    Interestingly, I recently heard about a couple of trainers rolling off projects and looking for work. So maybe things are so desperate that even some of them are feeling the pinch.

    But the good news is that
    – Some “PM and BA” types have taken on testing work even though they are not suited to it. They generally get out as soon as they find “real” work and therefore create work for testers as things pick up; and
    – Generally speaking, where companies cut back on testing, they create a lot of work for future generations of IT people. So for every tester looking for work, there are probably 5 projects rolling out future problems that will create work for future generations

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