The changing vista of our street

The house I live in is about 80 years old, as are most of the houses in the street.  The gardens are so well established that even in the recent drought our street was green and leafy.

About 3 years ago, some of the people in the street applied for permission to build a block of flats, and there were some rumblings about the way the neighbourhood would soon be nothing but blocks of flats.  But while rumblings and comments came and went, nothing actually changed.

Then a couple of days ago a fence went up in front of four of the houses, some of the front leadlights and old doors have been removed and the vista of the street changed.

Now my next door neighbour tells me that the developers plan to knock all four houses down in the next two weeks.  Apparently the council approval to build is about to run out and they need to know the houses down or re-apply through the whole process.

After 80 years the street has suddently and irrevovably change.  In two weeks it will look differnt again and soon after that it will be different yet again, but it will never go back to the slowly evolving vista of the previous decades.  Its amazing how slowly things have unfolded, and how suddenly they will move from here.  

You could have driven by my house every year for the last decade and the only changes you would notice are a couple of cars gone or newly arrived and slightly bigger trees.  Now google maps street view (which rolled out last month) is already out of date.

I guess Ishould be paying attention to whatever rumblings of change are around us at the moment – because even if the change is long-predicted, it always seems to arrive and happen so suddenly.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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2 Responses to The changing vista of our street

  1. Bill Gates says:

    Dear Jamesking42’s Weblog,

    The word “Vista” is a registered trademark of the Microsoft corporation. Please immediately cease and desist your illegal use of this word.

    We have a thousand lawyers working solely on this case. Comply or we will crush you. Or pour honey into your keyboard. Or maybe we’ll talk about you behind your back. Well, we don’t know exactly what we will do but it will be really, really bad.

    Bill Gates
    President and CEO of Money and Things That Cost Money

  2. jamesking42 says:

    Sorry Bill. Steve Jobs said I could if I said Apple Macs are cool.

    But I refused to and walked away. So I don’t know who used that term here (and I certainly don’t want my street’s infrastrucutre to be run on Vista.

    I did see Steve standing around my computer looking suspicious though, so maybe you should talk to him, or put honey in his keyboard.

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