Billions of readers in blogosphere – now open for advertisers

I posted a link to another blog with a comment about Sarah Palin and the words nude photos.  You can find a link in my previous article.

According to well-connected insiders (ie the owner of the blog posted a comment), that blog received 15,000 hits, which is pretty spectacular. 

I am sure that marketing gurus could learn a lot from that simple event and help company’s exploit this opportunity.

But we don’t need to think or analyse in detail here in this blog.  I can do this all for you with a few keystrokes as long as you don’t break the spell with logic or invonvenient questions.

If I am moving too fast the opportunity is this – we have now seen yet more evidence of evolution not yet weeding out a particularly attrative niche market for advertisers – people who are “genetically prone to sub-optimal survival behaviour” (ie dumb people).

And here is how to access that growing market  – Expat Texan (the author of the other blog) gets 15,000 hits from one article.  This is already verified by a reference on the internet and so we should assume it is correct.

Expat Texan could easilly produce 10 articles a day containing a celebrity name and  words such as nude, scandal or secret ferret mastermind – each getting 15,000 hits and giving us 150,000 “unique” readers per day. 

If you doubt that is possible, see how long it takes you to create an article with some of those words in the tag section and heading – you could easilly do it 10 times per day so I am already being really conservative. 

If you doubt that the visitors are unique, ask yourself this – what kind of wally will constantly go onto blog sites just to find out what secret ferret mastermind scandals are being referred to – even though the last 10 such attempts resulted in disappointment.  They are the kind of person I would politely refer to as “unique”.

So we have established there are 150,000 unique visitors a day who may even be a little gullible (though that is not yet verified).

Now, my blog stats show that of the 15,000 hits, two were referred from my blog (verifiable with WordPress).  So, let us assume:

  • Papers and TV stations always claim that one complaint or letter must represent at least 10 – 1,000 people sitting at home who wanted to phone/write/complain.  Apparently they are generally really passionate and concerned, but not really enough to dial the number.  This must be true because they say it a lot on current affairs shows and they are in the news business.
  • The internet has a “long tail”, which is an amazing new concept that says this – if 1 person in a million is interested in something (say the difference in railway gauges between countries) and 1 billion people are on the internet then there must be 1 divided 1m multiplied by 1b people interested.  Thus, in our example you have a long tail of 1,000 people who are interested when you whack something on the internet about railway gauges.
  • Without getting too technical, we can think of this as meaning that the internet is much faster, bigger and more scary than tv or newspapers, so anything that happened in traditional media can be conservatively multiplied by 1,000,000.   

Therefore – if 2 hits means between 10 to 1,000 wannabe callers in traditional media, and we can multily that by 1,000,000, we can assume this blog has between 20 million and 2 billion long-tailers wanting to respond.

And what kind of advertiser can afford to miss this untapped market of “unique” wanna be passionate responders.

So, my conclusion is this.  If you have anything worth saying, you should care enough to pay to have it said to up to 2 billion unique people.

Thus, clearly if you are an advertiser, it is only decent that I allow you to pay for this opportunity.

I now await your responses and cash.


About James King

I coach organisations in how to better make use of the untapped talent they have in their people and to explore new ways of understanding and solving new and old problems I live in Sydney with my wife and daughter and have no real hobbies beyond the usual boring ones of reading, writing and watching tv.
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