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On the importance of colour

When I was a kid we all got tested to see if we are colour blind.  Fortunately I came out with perfect colour vision. I actually have excellent perception of different colours.  But the test didn’t cover taste, and I … Continue reading

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The problem with people

I got off the veranda yesterday and went into town to catch up with a few people. After gossiping about mutual associates and about organisations we had each worked with we moved onto my job search. People were eagerly giving me … Continue reading

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No wanting to defame anyone but …

I came across an story in the Sydney Morning Herald about an (alleged) defamation case. Since I am not (allegedly) all that confident in the accuracy of what the media report and would not want to defame innocent reporters myself, … Continue reading

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Another “Verandah day”

I spent the morning sitting on the verandah, sipping lots of tea, jotting notes and staring into the garden.  Besides observing a bush turkey jumping on our garage, I have updated my resume, done the first draft of my “marketing plan” and washed some … Continue reading

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Now the work begins

I am waiting for a session to start on writing resumes.  I came armed with my latest shot at a resume, which has been reviewed by a guru who politely used phrases like “you should think about it before your … Continue reading

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On the outside

Its my first day after leaving the company.  The main focus now needs to be on ensuring Santhi doesn’t realise how much there is that could be done around the house. The house was built in the 1920’s and has … Continue reading

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Only two days left with the old crew

I’ve only got two days work left with the old organisation … plus a couple of excuses for eating and drinking. I joined the company around the same time Nero was getting violin lessons, so its been a while.   … Continue reading

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