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Learning about innovation – and watching the Simpsons

Many years ago I learned that Bart and Lisa Simpson had solved the ancient riddle around the sound of one hand clapping.  And since then I have seen people glean management lessons from them (and startreck, and attilla the hun and several … Continue reading

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Being scared of Zemmiphobia

I heard the phrase Zemmiphobia the other day. So I nodded sagely and looked like I knew what people were talking about. Later at home I googled it and found out it means “Fear of the great mole rat”, which … Continue reading

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Flying dinosaurs prefered to walk

I drifted into this website Apparently scientists have found that some flying dinosaurs were really good at walking and probably didn’t actually fly much. No wonder they are extinct.  Having raptors after you would be scary, but I can’t … Continue reading

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